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Character Building for the End Times:
Will Our Names Remain?

Everlasting Gospel

Throughout the entire history of this old world since the fall of man, the Everlasting Gospel has been inseparably linked with Prophecy.

Those who are trying to present a Gospel Message that is not woven through and through with the Golden Thread of Prophecy, will find their preaching degenerate into sentimental foolishness.

God Himself states His claim to Godhood is based on the fact that He alone can tell the End from the Beginning. Here we wish to echo the very first words that Jesus preached when He began His ministry: “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the Gospel!”

"Personal Practical Prophecy"

Remnant Prophecy Seminar

Demonstrating the Three Angel's Messages in our Daily Lives!

Part 1: The Everlasting Gospel in Prophecy: Living The Triumphant Life:

Part 2: Actions and Attitudes: Cultivating the Converted Character:

Part 3: Borderland: Spiritualism's Inroads among us.

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