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 "Remnant Prophecy School of the Prophets" is an online training resource for all who wish to Learn, Share, and Benefit  from Bible Truth and Prophecy.

The times we live in demand an in-depth foundation of both knowledge and practical experience. Something beyond the shallowness of much of today's 'Christianity' Faith must be built on the Rock so as not to be shaken by every wind of doctrine or swept away by storm and tempest.

The Challenge:

"Whatever may be man's intellectual advancement, let him not for a moment think that there is no need of thorough and continuous searching of the Scriptures for greater light. As a people we are called individually to be students of prophecy. . through prayerful study clearer light may be obtained, which can be brought before others." 5 Testimonies 708.

Remnant Prophecy

Self-Directed Learning Treasury:

 "Remnant Prophecy School of the Prophets" is a free Self-Directed, online study resource for all who wish to learn, understand and be able to share Bible Prophecy, Bible Truth and Advent Movement History. Courses range from simple to the profound so there is something of interest to all who explore our 'Halls of Higher Education.'


When we look up at the sky and see violent weather approaching our thoughts race to making all secure and finding a place of shelter for ourselves and those we love. We drop everything else to seek this. In our world there are strange clouds covering the horizon and they are gathering fast; May we all seek and find our safety in the 'Secret Place of the Most High!'

"A storm is coming, relentless in its fury. Are we prepared to meet it? We need not say: The perils of the last days are soon to come upon us. Already they have come. We need now the sword of the Lord to cut to the very soul and marrow of fleshly lusts, appetites, and passions." 8 Testimonies 315.


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