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Remnant Prophecy: Bible Basics


Remnant-Prophecy is designed for Bible workers, teachers, and home-scholars to learn for themselves, and be prepared to present and teach Bible and Prophecy.

This Treasury will require considerable commitment and dedication on your part but you will never regret time spent this way. Earnest prayer to God in the name of Jesus for the presence and guidance of the Heavenly Teacher, the Holy Spirit, will be rewarded.

As with any worth-while project, a good foundation always gives best results! When it comes to Prophecy and Bible truths, many want to hear something new, exciting and strange. but without a solid foundation in God's Word, one can be seriously deceived by such things. Time spent on the basics is vital.

If you have a great store of facts and 'theology' and yet fail to have the Holy Spirit as your personal Teacher and Guide, you may seem successful as a preacher, but sooner or later you will make shipwreck. You could even end up thinking you are serving God in the light when you are actually serving Satan in the darkness.

To be a successful student and teacher of Bible Truth is not a human achievement! Without a living connection to the Heavenly Powers efforts to truly understand these truths and reach others will fail of any lasting benefit to anyone.

it is a good idea to plan a regular time each day read and study where you will not be distracted or interrupted a lot. Feel free to use materials from this school in your own teaching and sharing! If you wish, 101 and 201 can be studied at the same time.

101: Foundations & Pillars

Any wise builder know that time spent on foundations is never a waste. In this first assignment you can build a solid foundation for the rest of your studies.

201: The Bible Stands Course

What the Bible actually teaches on basic doctrines.

301: Principles of Prayer and Promises

This series will provide you with a set of powerful tools needed for a genuine Christian walk with the Lord.

"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;" Ephesians 6:18.

"Soul Nourishment First"  Wise counsel by George Mueller

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